about upward

Upward is an eco-friendly yoga practice space located along the lush green surrounding of Saujana Resort, Kuala Lumpur. It is a neighbourhood-friendly yoga studio for those working / living around Ara Damansara, Tropicana, Subang Jaya and Saujana Resort itself.

Founded in July 2011 by Malaysia's most recognized yoga teacher, Ninie Ahmad, the idea of curating a yoga practice space that is eco-friendly and not mirrored came from Ninie's yearly travel to North America. Ninie noticed how the yoga classes she learned most from are less fancy compared to the spa-type studios she has taught at in Asia. She realized how students in the mirrorless yoga classes align themselves with how they feel within instead of what they see in the mirror; reflection of doubt, judgment, distraction and competition.

Ninie believes bare-minimal interior of a yoga studio is more organic to the core of yoga fundamental as having more ‘things’ around us while we practice will distract us from valuing yoga's most important essence (breaths, sensation, contentment) and most likely will lead us to feeling attached to worldly possessions and wanting more material entities that we do not necessarily have to accumulate.

Upward's signature class is Breathe Stretch Heal and other variety of yoga classes offered includes traditional Ashtanga and Prenatal Yoga. In 2014, as her community service and appreciation to new parents, Ninie introduced Kids-Welcome yoga classes at Upward inviting parents without helpers / babysitters to bring their children along to their yoga practice.


about ninie

Ninie Ahmad is possibly the smallest yoga teacher you will ever meet. Don't be fooled by her colourful teaching costume and infectious giggles, Ninie has been teaching yoga full-time for more than 15 years.

A familiar face in local media as a fitness personality, Ninie was the Official Yoga Ambassador for adidas Malaysia from 2006 to 2010. During Balispirit Festival in March 2010, Ninie was among the Head Workshop Presenters for Yoga alongside Shiva Rea and Duncan Wong. In 2011, Ninie joins the celebrated list of Manduka international ambassadors and was handpicked as Uniqlo Malaysia's influencer for their AIRism campaign in 2013.

In March 2012, Ninie's blog won Malaysia's Best Health & Wellness Blog award. In November 2012, Ninie was one of the invited speakers for TEDxYouthKL. In June 2014, Ninie studied Ashtanga with David Robson at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto (AYCT) and helped assist David's Mysore sessions at AYCT which has the largest Ashtanga Mysore program in the world outside of Mysore, India.

In 2016, Ninie was appointed the first yoga ambassador for Lululemon Malaysia.

Ninie has two children, Pincha Jamilaa and Andre Putra. Ninie gave birth to both her children naturally and via Lotusbirth. Pincha's birth in 2013 became the first reported Lotusbirth in a Malaysian hospital. Since her first pregnancy, Ninie became a staunch advocate of gentle birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing.

Heavily influenced by the yoga teachings and vegetarianism doctrines of Sri Dharma Mittra, Ninie maintains a daily Ashtanga practice. Self-describing herself as 'your cheerleader yoga teacher', Ninie leads her classes with detailed instructions, visualization and positive affirmations making people stretch their limits and believe in themselves in ways (and angles!) they never thought possible.

Follow Ninie at Instagram or Facebook and stay optimistic with her at ninieahmad.com.


about team upward

In April 2014, Ninie trained eight newly graduated yoga teachers and experienced practitioners for Upward's debut Breathe Stretch Heal Apprenticeship Program. This batch of Ninie's protégées were handpicked based on their fierce passion, selfless dedication and strong aspiration to help heal people and the world with the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

During the apprenticeship training, we helped them to:

  1. Identify their substantial strengths as spiritual beings and using them as their own unique signature as celebrated yoga teachers.

  2. Study and fully comprehend the wide applications of 8 Limbs of Yoga, the importance and science of daily practice Sun Salutations, the integration and anatomical aspects of Seven Chakras of Human Bodies and how to awaken the intuitive healer qualities in themselves.

  3. Learn how to find the possibilities in impossible looking asanas and health conditions.

Upward would like to extend our warmest welcome in lotus feet to Brian, Fitrina, Huda, Joanne, Juliana, Lay Gaik, Nabilla and Soraya to Team Upward and they start leading our signature class Breathe Stretch Heal (BSH) starting 2014.